Traditional Oils of India

Traditional Oils of India

  1. Sesame Oil
  2. Mustard Oil
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Groundnut Oil

Why choose Traditional Oils ?

  1. They are nutritious and high in natural flavours.
  2. The four traditional oils can be used for cooking and consumed directly.
  3. These traditional oils need not be refined and are pure and good for health.

Production of Sesame Oil at Idhayam Factory

Sesame Seeds + Palm Jaggery -> Sesame Oil + Oil Cake

  1. i) The role of Karupatti or Palm Jaggery

Panakaruppati or Palm Jaggery is used in the production of sesame oil at Idhayam wealth factory. It is used as a preservant and has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes. It is extremely tough to procure good quality Panangkaruppati and Idhayam procures the best quality from Erode for manufacturing sesame oil.

Two types of Karupatti

  1. Thennangkaruppati  ( from Coconut Kernels ) , dark brown color has a mild sweet taste.
  2. Panangkaruppati ( from Palm Kernels ) has a refreshing earthly flavour used in Idhayam factory.






While crushing 75kgs we obtain 32kgs of sesame oil and 43 kgs of sesame cake.  For this very same reason, we are in the business of selling sesame cakes too.

  1. ii) Oil Cakes

The oil cakes are generally used as fodder for cows. The sesame oil cake is of good quality without any impurities such as stones or sand and is sold at a good price.  As there are no impurities, sesame cake can be consumed as well.







Color of Idhayam Sesame Oil

This is the golden yellow color sesame oil.

Idhayam achieves this golden yellow colour by sourcing high quality sesame seeds. Filtering the oil results in clarity.








Idhayam Wealth at Subsidized rate

One litre of Idhayam sesame oil is Rs.180 plus tax

But subscription of oil pulling sachets for a year is priced at just Rs.600 ( Free Home Delivery )

The reason for subsidizing price is to spread the ancient good practice of oil pulling to as many people as possible. Oil pulling everyday provides immense benefits to people of all ages.