Skin Problems


Benefits on Skin Problems

 Relief from Acne.
 Effective Detox routine.
 Increasing Blood Flow to Facial Skin.
 Postpones signs of Ageing.
 Treats dry lips and provides Glowing skin.
 Cures smile lines and facial creases.

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Babitha Bokaria

Got Questions on Oil Pulling?

Excessive stress on organs such as kidney, liver, and imbalance of bacterias in the gut makes the Acne breakouts. Since Oil Pulling removes most of the bad bacterias from the mouth, it eases the stress of organs and maintains a balance in gut bacterias.

Not only will oil pulling help your skin from the inside out, but swishing & swirling Oil in the morning acts as an exercise for jaw muscles. This simple exercise routine for facial muscles also encourages blood flow to your face, which can help tighten your skin and smooth out those smile lines. And when you feel the difference with such a simple, cost-effective practice of Oil Pulling, you’ll automatically be smiling more anyway!

The majority of skin problems start on the inside. An imbalance of the bacteria in your digestive system can cause a variety of problems, including acne, black spots, etc. Oil Pulling regularly keeps the balance of gut bacterias in check and removes the bad bacterias and toxins from the body to provide a youthful and fresh skin.

The accumulation of toxins causes many problems in our bodies including creating fatigue, insomnia, premature aging, hair loss, and hormonal imbalances. Millions of users worldwide have reported oil pulling to be one of the simplest and most effective detox routines one can follow. Oil Pulling cleanses the mouth and in turn restricts harmful bacteria from the mouth entering the stomach, and thereby helps detox the body of all toxins over time. Oil Pulling users report feeling less bloated after they started the practice. Adding Oil Pulling with the detox diet supports the positive benefits of the diet.

Regarding Skincare benefits, it can seen from two ways. One, Oil Pulling effectively reduces harmful bacteria in our mouths stopping them from entering our digestive tract, thereby detoxifying our bloodstream and keeping the internal organs clean, it helps our skin rejuvenate.

Two, according to reflexology, various organs of our body is connected to different points in our tongue. All the swishing & swirling of oil between the teeth, tongue and the mouth massages the different points of the tongue, indirectly stimulating and massaging the different organs mapped out on the tongue.

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