Regain your sense of smell with Oil Pulling

Meet the person

Fr. Paul Thanikal is the Vicar of Trissur, Kerala.

About the Problem

Losing your smelling sense can deprive you of enjoying the fragrance of flowers, relishing the smell of food, and even realizing the smell of your own body and surroundings.  Fr. Paul lost his sense of smelling for the last 15 years.


How did oil pulling solve the problem?

  • He practiced oil pulling for the last five months and had an amazing experience of regaining his sense of smelling, He can now smell the food, the fragrance of flowers, and the surroundings.
  • All his health problems related to the five senses were cured miraculously with regular practice of oil pulling. He is completely healed of all health issues related to his nose, throat, teeth, and mouth.  

Does he recommend oil pulling?

This practice of oil pulling has given him immense happiness and he practices this even now. He now spreads the good word to his church members and friends to solve their health problems.