Oil Pulling – The One Stop Solution for Multiple Health Issues

Swishing Oil in the mouth first thing in the morning! Does that sound bizarre? For many of the millennial generation it does. Edible oil, such as sesame oil is generally used for cooking. And this is the immediate thought that Gaurav Jetha, Business Head of an Insurance Brokerage firm had when he was gifted Idhayam Wealth Oil Pulling sachets by his friend, during Diwali. Gaurav handed over the oil sachets to his wife for cooking, without knowing about the age-old practice of oil pulling and its immense benefits for internal cleansing.


Being an avid insurance broker, his business is to help his clients get the best insurance for securing their life and property. Keeping his clients happy means a lot to him. Gaurav has found one more way to keep his clients happy—recommending Idhayam Wealth Oil Pulling.

It all started when Gaurav realized that his friend had gifted him a health treasure in the form of those small and easy-to-use oil pulling sachets.

The Idhayam Wealth videos were an eye opener to Gaurav.   He realized that most of the issues that people discussed in the videos were actually his daily health problems. With Idhayam Wealth Oil Pulling sachets, he was able to get rid of three health issues that were bothering him

  • headache in the morning,
  • tiredness during the day,
  • indigestion and acid reflux.

Getting up in the morning with a headache can ruin your day most of the time, especially, when you are in a profession dealing with clients throughout the day. With regular practice of oil pulling, Gaurav noticed that he was not getting up with a headache.

Gaurav also realized that he felt fresh throughout  the day, helping him interact with clients in a sprightly manner—which means more successful and winning closures with clients.

Having been bothered with acid reflux and indigestion, he used to avoid fried items, spicy food, and ice creams. A major part of all the fun with food was lost.  Much to his relief, after practicing oil pulling, Gaurav did not experience acid reflux and indigestion. He now eats everything like Pav bhaji, bhel puri , ice cola and so on to his heart’s desire.

Immensely thankful to Idhayam Wealth Oil Pulling, Gaurav recommends this practice to his friends, family, and clients.

Just as Gaurav found a one-stop solution for all his health problems, we encourage you to experience Good Health with Oil Pulling.