Oil Pulling – The family Health Catalyst

Babita Bokaria is a Yoga practitioner and a believer in Naturopathy, she heard of Oil Pulling at a Nature cure camp, she was impressed with the fact that it helps prevent diseases, so impressed that she introduced it to her husband, her two children and her mother-in-law.  The results were dramatic.

Her children were struggling with cavities, and initially were curious about the idea of washing their mouth with oil. Now, as can be expected, the thought of taking oil in the mouth and swishing it around felt funny to them initially. Oil being associated more with the kitchen and cooking, rather than the bathroom and cleaning.  They thought it would feel funny, but very quickly got used to it and added it to their routine as a morning game.

About a month after they started using it long term teeth issues were noticeably better and for the teenagers it turned out to be excellent in handling cavities and other follow-on effects such as boosting confidence and making everyone more energetic.

As a family routine, it turned out to be very Healthy race between the children, swishing to see who had the whitest oil at the end of it.  The change in colour signifying a clean mouth.

Teeth, gums and the mouth form a large surface area of our body, there are a lot of places bacteria can form tiny colonies, which grow out like cauliflowers.  These colonies are abundant in between the teeth, not all of them can be reached by brushing.  Oil pulling involves swirling the oil from a shampoo sized sachet in the mouth for five to ten minutes, this constant swirling cleans the entire mouth, including breaking the hard to reach bacterial colonies.  The dense liquid will brush them away.

Her husband had suffered for many years from mouth and sinus issues related to an accident he had in childhood. Regular and expensive visits to Dentists had been a routine part of his life.  This too changed after a month of Oil Pulling.

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