Oil pulling balances Tridoshas

Mr.Raghuram from Thirukkadaiyur is a unique person. He is the founder of Mahaveer Illam. Being a nature lover and having enough insights about our surroundings, he emphasizes the contamination present around. He explains how Oil Pulling, a cleansing process helps to heal the inmates of Mahaveer Illam. Also as a  yoga master he is concerned to help people in leading healthier lives.

Let us take a look at  Mr.Raghuram’s typical day.


In 2008, Raghuram started Mahaveer Illam as a contribution for mentally challenged people (thondu niruvanam). At this home, he targets on detoxification and natural food habit for the welfare of people. He felt that these 2 are the main components for a healthy person and he believes these act as a  healer for his inmates.



He states  that,


(கழிவுகள்  தேக்கம்)stagnation of toxins  = (நோய்)disease


Accumulation of scum in our anatomy will produce toxins, which is the root cause for all the inflammation or diseases. In order to have a regular detoxification (scum discharge) , he admits (எண்ணெய் கொப்பளித்தல்) oil pulling is useful .




Vatham, Pitham & Kapham or Tridosha or Mukkuttram (வாதம் பித்தம் கபம்) ( wind,bile, phlegm) any unhinged  in these three important humors , causes all kind of diseases in our body. A perfect health is when these doshas are in the right balance . Oil pulling keeps the tridoshas in balance and it’s a easy habit to acquire and practise everyday. He acknowledges that natural foods and regular discharge of toxins (DETOXIFICATION ) from the body recovered several inmates of Mahaveer Illam, to resume their normal life.



Why Idhayam Wealth?


For the past 20 years Mr.Raghuram has been happily recommending oil pulling,  AN ANCIENT AYURVEDIC PRACTISE to everyone around him and now his reform met the purpose.He believes that “Oil pulling is the foremost step for a healthy life,thereby creating a better living standards”. IDHAYAM OIL PULLING gives a branded and testified oil for the welfare of the people. He recommends everyone to use  oil pulling to lead a happy life.


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