Menstrual Problems


Benefits on Menstrual Problems

  Cures PCOS/PCOD Diseases.
  Regularises Menstrual Cycle.
  Balances Hormone levels.
  Reduces pain and discomfort.
  Controls Mood swings.

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Geetha Suresh Babu

Got Questions on Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling is a self-healing practice that works on the basis of the mouth being the gateway to the entire body’s health. PCOS can be of different varieties & intensities. For some, it’s genetical. Oil Pulling is not a cure for PCOS but can be added as a supplementary self-care routine. Oil Pulling helps create a hormonal balance and in turn regularises menstrual cycles. The practice helps women with even intense PCOS symptoms control and balance the symptoms and effects of PCOS. Some Oil Pulling users even report completely getting their menstrual cycles back on track after a few months of continuous Oil Pulling practice. The results may vary from person to person. We advise you to continue your regular PCOS medication and add Oil Pulling to your daily routine as a self-care routine. Just the cleansing, detoxifying effect Oil Pulling gives make a lot of difference in people who suffer discomfort from various PCOS symptoms.

The first time you try Oil Pulling, it seems difficult for those who feel averse to the feeling of oil in their mouth. Just get past that feeling and it starts feeling better usually. Almost everyone gets comfortable with Oil Pulling just after the first few trials.

To make it easier for you, Idhayam Wealth Oil Pulling sachets come with the right oil apt for Oil Pulling extracted from high-quality sesame seeds along with jaggery. Idhayam Wealth oil has the right viscosity and taste for convenient Oil Pulling. Our concoction is made with help of notes from Ayurvedic texts to get maximum benefits from Oil Pulling practice.

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30 sachet Per month = Rs.100