Lifestyle Problems


Benefits on Lifestyle Problems

Regulates Blood pressure.
Regulates Blood sugar.
Cures Digestive system problems.
Reduces bad cholesterol levels.
Prevents cardiovascular diseases.
Cures Chronic knee pain.
Detoxifies organs.

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Vijay Srinivas

Got Questions on Oil Pulling?

Yes, you can! Oil Pulling is a simple self-healing practice that works on the basis of oral health being the gateway to our entire health. Oil Pulling practice does not hinder with your other medications. You can continue practicing Oil Pulling even when you are under medication/treatment of most kinds.

This varies from person to person depending on their age, health and various other factors. Unlike other discomforts like a headache, toothache, etc from which sometimes Oil Pulling gives instant relief, lifestyle diseases like low/high blood pressure, diabetes, etc takes some regular Oil Pulling practice to see a significant difference. However, even with first few sessions, the cleansing effect provided by Oil Pulling gives long-term sufferers of BP/diabetes an invigorating fresh start and a confidence, and an unmatched positivity. Watch Oil Pulling users from Idhayam Wealth community share about their positive stories about Oil Pulling.

Keep practicing Oil Pulling until you feel the original strength, freshness, calm sleep and good appetite is back again.

Starting heartburn to ulcers all digestive problems occur due to the imbalance of gut bacterias and bad dietary habits. Oil Pulling regularly Pulls out toxins and bad bacterias from the mouth which in turn balances the gut bacteria levels and boosts up the digestive enzymes which help in proper digestion. So, what’s there to hold you up? try Oil Pulling.

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30 sachet Per month = Rs.100