Lead a Healthy Lifestyle with Oil Pulling


Meet the Person

Allen Selvanayam, from Tirunelveli, is a fresher in the IT world. Because of the nature of his job, he resides in a hostel with other bachelors.


About the Problem

Quite similar to those entering the IT world, his lifestyle changed drastically. Food habits and sleep changed resulting in multiple health issues, such as mouth ulcer, stomach ulcers, pimples, hair fall etc.


How did Idhayam oil pulling resolve the problem?

  • Allen was introduced to oil pulling by his friend. He believed that oil pulling could cure his pimples, because it is an internal problem.
  • Allen included oil pulling into his routine. He is now completely cured of pimples because oil pulling has detoxified and cleansed his system. No more mouth ulcers too.


How did he include oil pulling in his daily routine?

  • Allen confirms that it is not difficult to introduce this practice into your routine.
  • He does oil pulling as he reads the morning newspaper. You can find other ways too.


Does he recommend oil pulling?

Allen says just as how physical exercise of atleast 30 minutes is important for good health, Idhayam oil pulling is important in promoting and maintaining good health. He recommends Idhayam oil pulling for all bachelors.