Introduce your Children to Oil Pulling and Be Assured of their Overall Health

Meet the Person

Yuvamithran, is a bright young lad studying in second standard at Velammal Vidhyalaya. He is very fond of cricket and video games. He plays cricket daily with his friends after school.

Yuvamithran lives with his parents and young brother.


About the problem

Just like other children of his age, yuvamithran relishes ice creams. But his teeth become sensitive when he has ice creams.


How did Idhayam oil pulling resolve his little problem?

The young lad experienced the benefit of practicing oil pulling when he was able to have 3 ice creams at one go without feeling any sensitivity.


Does he recommend oil pulling?

  • Oil pulling is a regular practice at his home. Every morning the whole family uses Idhayam oil sachets for oil pulling.
  • Yuvamithran explains that it’s a simple practice to pour the sachet into your mouth and swish it for 20 minutes. Rinse and brush your teeth.
  • He is so impressed with Idhayam oil pulling that he says just as how his father taught him to practice oil pulling, he will teach his younger brother to practice oil pulling.