Benefits on Insomnia

  Helps cure sleeplessness
  Active Mornings!
  Cure for hangovers
  Regulates sleep cycle
  Reduces stress and headaches

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Got Questions on Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling at night before sleep and in mornings helps refresh and relax our body. Oil pulling helps clear out all the toxins that have accumulated in your body from the stressors and imbalanced hormones, creating a fresh, clean environment that helps you sleep much better at night. For people with sleep problems, it is recommended to do Oil Pulling twice a day, before sleep and early in the morning.

Definitely, yes! Oil Pulling helps clear sinuses effectively, making you feel free and fresh. Regular Oil Pulling practice helps you get relief from sinuses and headaches and helps provide you a nice, restful sleep. Read more about Oil Pulling benefits for people with headaches/sinuses here.

Some of our Oil Pulling users from Idhayam Wealth community report feeling the difference right after their first few Oil Pulling trials. It takes anywhere from one week to 30 days to see a consistent change in our sleep habits. It is recommended to make Oil Pulling a part of your daily routine along with brushing and bathing, to feel a lifelong experience of healthy mornings and to prevent any problems even before they show up.

Yes! You can do oil pulling more than once a day whenever you feel like you need to feel fresh and active.. It doesn’t have any side effects whatsoever. We even recommend people with serious sleeplessness problems to practice oil pulling twice day – once in the morning and again in the night few minutes before sleep.

The way we feel in our mornings can decide how our entire day will turn out to be. Not everyone has the luxury of going for a jog and other physical exercises to feel active and good in the morning. Oil Pulling practice as a morning routine has the power to transform your mornings and in turn your days into active, positive mornings and days. Oil pulling in the early mornings detoxifies your body of all toxins, activates your organs and makes you feel fresh and active inside out.

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