Idhayam Oil Pulling – A Permanent Cure for Headaches

Meet the Person

Jayashree is a married lady with two children.

About the Problem

Jayashree used to get frequent headache right from school days. Doctors suggested the use of spectacles regularly. But this did not cure her headache. She continued to suffer from regular bouts of headache all through her college life doing her PG, and even after she got married. There was no medicine or cure available despite trying everything. She continued to suffer, unable to take care of her children and career.


How did Idhayam oil pulling resolve the problem?

  • Just when she thought she will have to live with the headache for the rest of her life, a family friend suggested Idhayam oil pulling.
  • Jayashree tried Idhayam oil pulling and she now considers it to be the greatest gift in her life. She was cured of her headache much to her surprise. Indeed a great gift.


Does he recommend oil pulling?

She is all so grateful to Idhayam oil pulling for changing her life. Just as how brushing is a daily routine, she assures regular practice of oil pulling will immensely benefit everyone’s health. Jayashree encouraged her family friends and relatives to start practicing oil pulling considering the health benefits.