Benefits on Headache

Cures Chronic headaches.
Clears sinuses.
Reduces Depression and anxiety.
Relief from tension headaches.
Prevents Stroke.

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Got Questions on Oil Pulling?

Some users report instant relief from headaches right after a session of Oil Pulling. Some take a few weeks to see the difference. It depends on your lifestyle and body make-up. It is recommended to follow Oil Pulling as a regular self-healing practice along with your morning brushing routine.

Some Oil Pulling users who have chronic headaches get comfortable enough to do Oil Pulling whenever they feel a mild headache or sinus congestion building, to get instant relief and avoid spending the day in pain and irritable mood. Listen to real people sharing their experiences with how Oil Pulling gave them relief from long-term chronic headaches.

Oil Pulling removes toxins in the mouth, gums and in the lymph. By swishing and swirling, and moving your jaw during Oil Pulling practice, you are creating a lymphatic circulation around your sinuses. This helps with clearing and draining of the sinuses. Some of the Oil Pulling users report relief after the first few times, and others may take a few weeks. By stimulating lymphatic circulation, you are helping by encouraging drainage and preventing bacteria build up in the sinus. This makes Oil Pulling an effective relief for Sinus headaches due to inflammation of the nasal passage.

Headaches can range from annoying to extremely painful. People may experience throbbing, squeezing, or constant or intermittent pain in the back of the head and upper neck or behind the eyes. Some people feel tightness or pressure at the temples.
Some headaches are excruciating. They feel like a poke in the eye, a stabbing in the brain, or a band of pressure around the head. Whatever the type of headache, it affects our daily schedules, our moods and sometimes even our relationships with our colleagues, family, loved ones and children.

Oil Pulling helps to give relief from headaches by removing toxic stressors like nitrite producing bacteria in the mouth which is said to trigger and add to headaches & migraines. Oil Pulling provides relief from Chronic headaches, migraines, tension and sinus headaches.

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