Grandma’s Secret of health – Oil pulling

Grandma Rajalakshmi had sugar and BP problems like most of the elders. Her sugar levels at times rocketed all the way high up to 400 mg/dl. Visits to clinics and hospitals for high sugar, low pressure , toothache and poor vision addressed the symptoms but did not present a permanent cure.


Here is the twist in the story.

She regained her health and active lifestyle by heeding to the advice of her son and grandson. They both recommended her to get started with Oil Pulling.


Initially there was lot of resistance in her mind, to get started with Oil Pulling which required 15-20 minutes of swishing. Oil Pulling, sure sounds like a hard-core mouth exercise for an old woman. However, like every clever woman, she quickly learnt to combine oil pulling with her morning routine. While swishing the sesame oil in her mouth for 15-20 mins, the grandma attends to  her household chores and hobbies like cleaning vessels and reading newspaper.


Oil Pulling strengthened her teeth and she is super elated to see her sugar and blood Pressure under control. She also feels her vision has improved. Though it sounds like a miracle, she was cured from her ailments which ran head to toe.


For her mornings have become more beautiful and Oil Pulling Sachets have become her best friend to stay fit and active. She recommends oil pulling using Idhayam Wealth to children, young teens, adults and super seniors for oral and overall health.


She swears by Oil Pulling and says It’s Life Changing. One has to try Oil Pulling, to believe the benefits is her punchline 🙂