Gift your Clients Good Health with Idhayam Oil Pulling

Corporate gifting is an excellent way of showing our gratitude and care for our clients and colleagues. Corporate gifting also strengthens our relationship with our customers and employees. Timed and appropriate gift  is one of the best way in conveying  our care .


Idhayam Sesame seed Oil-Pulling sachets are known to reduce Insomnia, balances Blood Sugar levels, prevent Toothache, Tooth sensitivity, Bad breath and other breathing disorders, the list goes on. It is a health treasure and a natural practice for centuries for overall health.

I started using Idhayam Oil Pulling recently. I gifted all my clients Idhayam subscription for this new year instead of sweet boxes. They loved it! They loved the fact that our firm cares about them. This is a great way to make our connections stronger. – Shanmugam, Founder of Shanwealth.

Our customers are our family members. Gifting Idhayam Oil Pulling subscription to our customers turned out to be a blessing. Idhayam Wealth takes care of the packaging and delivery along with our personalised message. And all this comes at such a low cost! many of them called and thanked me personally. the positive vibes are overwhelming!” – Ravi Narayan, CEO of Grandma’s kart.

I subscribed Idhayam’s Oil Pulling pack for my colleagues who were worried about sleeping and hairloss problems due to night shift as a gift. Once they started the Oil Pulling routine they began to see the results within one week! I personally feel great that i could introduce a healthy habit to my friends and colleagues!” – Seethapathy, Employee at hyundai Motors.

Idhayam is a  proud to be present as a Gift which is cost efficient , Easy to use, and aimed at the welfare of oral and overall health. This leads to Long Lasting Goodwill towards our loved ones.