Ensure good health, oral hygiene, and reduce ageing

Meet the person

  • Dr. Gayathri, a pediatric dentist shares her experience with oil pulling.
  • What is the scientific benefit of oil pulling?
  • Scientifically, the practice of oil pulling enables conversion of oil into nano particles inside the mouth. These particles act very well against bacterial formation.


How does the practice of oil pulling ensure good health?

  • Oral cavity is the gateway for all micro-organisms. Oil pulling fights against bacteria in the mouth.
  • With oil pulling, you destroy bad bacteria and strengthen your gums.
  • Oil pulling, with its immense benefits is also successful in reducing the process of ageing.  


Does she recommend oil pulling?

Dr. Gayathri practices oil pulling regularly after fully realizing the benefits to health, oral hygiene, and beauty. She also recommends oil pulling to family and friends for better oral hygiene and overall good health.