Enjoy Sound Sleep with Oil Pulling


Mr.Seethapathy, works at Hyundai Car Company.


He has been suffering from insomnia due to 20 years of day and night shift work at a factory.

Thanks to oil pulling, his insomnia has been cured. How?


  • Oil pulling with Idhayam sesame oil for the last 5 years, reduces body heat and promotes cooling. Even if he wakes up during day time after a night shift, he ensures that he does oil pulling for about 20 minutes.Yes, you can do oil pulling whenever you wake up.
  • Boost your immunity, say good bye to insomnia with easy-to-use Idhayam sachets. Not just curing insomnia, oil pulling with Idhayam improved his immunity and completely cured him of headache, tooth pain, fever, and phlegm.
  • He has experienced being healthy with no health complaints. His brother, a yoga instructor who already practices oil pulling, confirms the benefits of this practice in improving overall health.
  • Every month 30 sachets of Idhayam sesame oil are home delivered. He uses 10 ml every day for 20 minutes. The usage details are available in the sachet and it is very easy to use.
  • Mr.Seethapathy, recommended Idhayam oil pulling to his friends and relatives, about 25 people and all of them have immensely benefited.