Detoxify Your body with Oil Pulling

Meet the Person
Meet Sherin, a yoga instructor, from Sikkim but based out of Chennai. She has been teaching yoga for the last 4 years.

How did she know about Idhayam Oil pulling?
Sherin’s friend introduced her to oil pulling. To know more about this practice, Sherin read about oil pulling and its benefits on Idhayam website. Convinced about the benefits of oil pulling, she decided to order Idhayam oil sachets.

About the Problem
Sherin had tooth sensitivity whenever she had extremely hot or cold substances and also suffered from throat pain.

How did Idhayam oil pulling resolve the problem?
With regular practice, she soon realized that her mouth felt refreshingly fresh and in a week’s time, she noticed that her tooth sensitivity and throat pain were gone.

She was able to have cold drinks, ice creams, and anything hot!

What other health problems are solved?

  • In yogic practice, detoxification plays a very important role in promoting good health.
  • Practices such as, the kunjal, sutraneethi, jal neethi, and other kinds of kriyas help in detoxifying.
  • Oil pulling with Idhayam ensures the body is detoxified every morning, which helps build immunity.

Does she recommend oil pulling?
Sherin advocates oil pulling with Idhayam to all her friends and family. If you are worried about the taste of oil in your mouth, Sherin confirms that the taste is not very strong and tastes similar to butter when you rinse your mouth with oil.