Dental Care


Benefits on Dental Care

  Relieves toothache.
  Efficient Bad Breath cure.
  Reduces Plaque and Gingivitis
  Strengthen Facial Muscles
  Prevent Tooth decay and cures cavities.
  Cures Teeth sensitivity.
  Cures Mouth ulcers and removes bacterias.

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Vijay Srinivas

Got Questions on Oil Pulling?

No. Oil Pulling is a supplementary oral care habit that we can introduce into our general daily oral care routine to reap maximum benefits from Oil Pulling. Ideally, oil pulling is done early in the morning followed by regular gargling and brushing.

Oil Pulling can also be done at any time of the day whenever convenient. It is recommended to thoroughly brush and wash off your mouth with enough water, post-oil pulling. Now relax, and feel the difference of a more cleansed and fresher mouth. 🙂

Oil pulling will not and cannot loosen properly placed crowns or fillings. The only time oil pulling will affect crowns or fillings is if the teeth underneath have decayed, have infections or if the fillings are loose. In this case, the foundation on which the crowns or fillings are secured to is badly decayed and unable to hold the dental material. Oil pulling removes bacteria, pus, and mucus. It cannot pull out porcelain, amalgam, or composite dental materials from the teeth.

Within one week, most people notice a cleaner mouth and change in their breath. (Oil Pulling users are just happy to feel the unbeatable cleansed feeling and the freshness they feel after oil pulling in the morning.) Within a month, some people have experienced dental repair or healthier gums. Some users have reported instant relief from a toothache temporarily after an oil pulling session. Regular practice of oil pulling helps take care of the complete oral hygiene and prevents serious dental problems.

Gingivitis is caused by inflammation of the gums and occurs when your immune system starts attacking the bacteria in the plaque. Oil Pulling practice helps reduce the inflammation of the gums and prevents cavities. A study has proved that Oil Pulling works equivalent to a standard chlorhexidine treatment in reducing plaque and gingivitis.

Bad breath, or Halitosis, can create a serious dent in a person’s self-confidence and in interpersonal communications with people at work, social circles, etc. Even chemical mouthwashes work actively just only for a short time of a few hours. Oil Pulling acts as a long-term cure for bad breath by keeping the harmful bacteria in check.

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30 sachet Per month = Rs.100