Cure Stubborn Mouth Ulcers with Idhayam Oil Pulling


Meet the Person

Kumaravel, is the CEO of Brainmagic Pvt. Ltd.

About the Problem

Imagine a situation when you have good food right before you, but unable to relish the food. This was the plight of Kumaravel, CEO of Brainmagic Pvt. Ltd.  He used to feel miserable not able to eat good food because of mouth ulcers. Due to the repeated occurrence of mouth ulcer, he was finding it difficult to even talk to clients properly.


How did he know about oil pulling?

Kumaravel’s friend noticed his difficulty and recommended oil pulling with Idhayam sachets to cure mouth ulcer.  He assured Kumaravel that there will be lot of positive changes.


How did Idhayam oil pulling resolve the problem?

Kumaravel practiced Idhayam oil pulling for 3 months and started to feel the difference. As assured by his friend, he started experiencing positive changes in his body. His mouth ulcer’s disappeared and his body cooled down.


Does he recommend oil pulling?

Just as his friend recommended Idhayam oil pulling to him, Kumaravel now recommends this practice to his friends who had similar problems.