"Kidney stones, diabetes, and High cholesterol levels crept up on me over the last ten years, after a few years of Oil-Pulling I have removed all of these from my life."

- MD of Kp civil construction, Chennai.

Dr. Gopinathan

"As mentioned in the Ancient Ayurvedic texts Oil Pulling incredibly cures many ailments. I prescribed Oil Pulling to my every patient.

- Ayurvedic Doctor, Kerala.


"My entire family has benefited from Oil-Pulling. Thanks to Idhayam for making it so easy to be a part of our daily lives."

- Working in an MNC, Chennai.


"Ten, fifteen years of Blood Sugar in the 300 range, after a few months of Oil-Pulling my Sugar, Blood Pressure and Teeth ache are in control."

- A 62-Year-old woman, Sivakasi.


"In one week of using Oil-Pulling, my Sugar levels reduced."

- Central Excise Superintendent, Chennai.