"Tried Idhayam Oil Pulling after so many treatments for my sinus problem. Eventually, it became a cure for my sinus problem and provided me active morning lifestyle".

- Electrician, Fine designs, Chennai.

Geetha Suresh Babu

"After using oil pulling for 4 months, my menstrual cycle has been regularised and sinus got cured".

- EduPreneur, Arise 'N' Shine, Chennai.


"After a few days of Oil-Pulling, I have found relief from Sinus problems and Sensitive Teeth."

- CEO of Verifitech India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.


"In one week of using Oil-Pulling, my Sugar levels reduced."

- Central Excise Superintendent, Chennai.


"I had wheezing and bad sinus issues for 12 years, after Oil-pulling for 48 days I have tremendous relief. Now I refer it to my patients as well."

- Acupuncturist, Chennai.

Babitha & Family

"It was an eye-opener, Oil-Pulling not only gave us Oral and Dental health, but it also kept a host of other diseases away."

- Yoga Practitioner, Chennai.


"I never imagined my life without Headache. Oil Pulling made it Possible."

- R&D Head, Ansa Herbs


"Night shift is not a problem anymore, I can sleep at any time."

- Employee at Hyundai Motors