Boost your Confidence with Idhayam Oil Pulling


Meet the Person

Suresh, is a photographer by profession.

About the Problem

Suresh suffered from tooth decay, which affected his quality of life.




How did he know about Idhayam oil pulling?

Suresh’s friend Girish used to avoid ice creams and other sweets because of tooth decay. On a particular occasion, Suresh noticed that Girish was feasting on ice creams and he asked him how he was having ice-creams despite tooth decay. Girish, then explained about oil pulling. His tooth decay was cured because of oil pulling.


How did Idhayam oil pulling resolve the problem?

  • Suresh decided to try it out. He started including oil pulling with Idhayam sachets into his daily routine. The first two days were difficult, but he slowly got used to it.
  • In one week’s time he could find a difference. There was no pain and he felt fresh as never before, boosting his confidence. No more tooth decay.  


Does he recommend oil pulling?

  • Oil pulling revived the practice of using sesame oil in his house. He recollected his childhood when sesame oil was used at home.
  • He now likes to do oil pulling because he feels fresh the whole day. He recommends oil pulling to his family and friends.