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Mr. V.V.V. Rajendran, son of Mr. V.V.Vanniaperumal was the founder of the Idhayam Group in the year 1986. Hands with an experience of more than 43 years launched sesame oil in a new consumer packing in the brand name ‘Idhayam Sesame Oil’. ‘Idhayam’, the name gets its origin from ‘Hriday’ a Sanskrit word, which means ‘heart’. Idhayam sesame oil is a natural cooking medium. It does not affect the heart, hence the name. Idhayam also reduces blood cholesterol. Today just the word ‘Idhayam’, has almost become synonymous with Sesame Oil. The Group was built with the main object of ‘Growth with Truth and Hard Work’. ‘Committed Quality’ was their key to success.

Healthy Product for Health Community


Sesame Seeds

Idhayam uses both the White and Black high-quality Sesame seeds procured from all over the country for the production of Sesame Oil.

Palm Jaggery (Panangkarupatti)

Panakaruppati or Palm Jaggery is used in the production of sesame oil at Idhayam wealth factory. It is used as a preservant and has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes. It is extremely tough to procure good quality Panangkaruppati and Idhayam procures the best quality from Erode for manufacturing sesame oil.

Subsidized Rate

The reason for subsidizing price is to spread the ancient good practice of oil pulling to as many people as possible. Oil pulling everyday provides immense benefits to people of all ages.

Our Team

Mr. VR Muthu, CEO

Our Group was built with the main motive of ‘Growth with Truth and Hard Work’. ‘Committed Quality’ is our key to success..

Muniyandi, Distributor.


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