How to do Oil Pulling?


In the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach, pour 10ml of IDHAYAM WEALTH in the mouth.


Swish and swirl the oil around your mouth for 15-20 minutes. If you are getting started with oil pulling swish for 5 to 10 mins.


Expel the oil and rinse your mouth with water. Brush your teeth like you would generally do and feel the difference instantly!

Why Oil Pulling ? (Benefits)

  No harmful chemicals, just pure white sesame oil, as prescribed in ayurvedic texts!
  Ancient detox routine
  Strengthens gums, teeth and jaw
  Rich in anti-oxidants, stimulates immune system
  Prevent heart diseases
  Clears Sinuses
  Relief for migranes & headaches
  Treats arthiritis and related illness
  Improves sleep
  Freshens breath & prevent Tooth decay

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Got Questions on Oil Pulling?

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Oil pulling is a 3000-year old ancient ayurvedic practice that involves swishing oil in your mouth to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene. It is often associated with Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system from India.

A simple practice of swishing and swirling sesame oil in the mouth for 15 minutes a day provides immense health benefits. starting from oral health to overall health.

Some of our Oil Pulling users from Idhayam Wealth community report feeling the difference right after their first few Oil Pulling trials. It takes anywhere from one week to 30 days to see a consistent change in our sleep habits. It is recommended to make Oil Pulling a part of your daily routine along with brushing and bathing, to feel a lifelong experience of healthy mornings and to prevent any problems even before they show up.

Oil Pulling is suitable for every age group starting from teens to old aged people. It is an act of prevention rather than a cure, which makes everyone a candidate to do Oil Pulling. It is recommended that Oil Pulling for children above 5 years under parental care. Pregnant women can also do Oil Pulling to feel fresh, remove bacterias and toxins and to prevent the host of other diseases during pregnancy.

Taking from the pages of Ayurveda texts and natural therapy practices, Idhayam Wealth provides specially made sesame oil to practice oil pulling. Best quality sesame seeds are selected and sesame oil is extracted from the seeds by using jaggery in the process. Idhayam Wealth sesame oil is made with care to give the right viscosity and taste for oil pulling. Sesame oil is particularly high in the antioxidants sesamol, sesamin, and sesamolin. It also holds a high concentration of Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These antioxidants have been found to stop the absorption of negative forms of cholesterol in the liver

Idhayam Wealth also comes in easy daily-use sachets. You can just wake up, pour an Idhayam Wealth sachet in your mouth, follow the oil pulling procedure and start your day with an ease and freshness that has no comparison. Idhayam Wealth also comes in a subscription model where we deliver the oil sachets right to your doorstep every month! To know more and make your subscription right away, click here!

Ideally, Oil Pulling should be done early in the morning, on an empty stomach. Idhayam Wealth easy to use sachets has the best-recommended oil in the right amounts. Open a sachet and pour the oil into your mouth. Do not just gargle. Swish & swirl the oil all over your mouth and between your teeth, for anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes. The ideal time is 15-20 mins. Start with 5 minutes and gradually increase to 20 minutes for maximum results. Spit out the oil (Do not never swallow) & gargle with water & brush thoroughly as you normally would. Feel the difference right away and do not forget to smile! 🙂

Also, you can do Oil Pulling any time of the day. In the beginning, either do it before having food or at least an hour after any meal. Some users like doing Oil Pulling before sleep and they report better, peaceful sleep. Depending on your daily schedules, form your own Oil Pulling routines and see the positive differences!

We, at Idhayam Wealth, want to share the multiple benefits of a simple self-healing practice of Oil Pulling with the world. Apart from making the best oil (sesame oil extracted with jaggery) suited for Oil Pulling according to Ayurvedic texts, we give out Oil Pulling subscription packages at subsidized rates. We have extensively documented positive stories about the difference Oil Pulling can make in people’s life.


We are committed to spreading the word about Oil Pulling, as we are all personally benefited from Oil Pulling practice. Because we care, about the health and wellness of our society and spreading positivity. Just make your subscription to Idhayam Wealth Oil Pulling monthly door deliveries at the cheapest rates possible and become part of our oil pulling community to share and learn about living healthy and well. 🙂

Yes! It is very easy to multi-task while oil pulling. Many people work oil pulling into their schedules by doing it as they fix their breakfast or lunch for the day, while they shower, scroll down their social media apps, surf the Internet, or answer emails. Some people even prefer to oil pull before they go to bed (at least an hour after their last meal) as they find it helps for a deep, restful night’s sleep and even the elimination of morning breath when they awaken.

However, we recommend you start doing Oil Pulling in a mindful way until you’re comfortable with the practice and the feeling of oil in your mouth. Mostly make sure you don’t swallow any of the oil (but don’t panic if you accidentally do).

You can continue the practice of Oil Pulling consistently and enjoy the preventive health benefits and the cleansed feeling and the positivity the practice gives us.

You can also spread the word about the benefits of Oil Pulling to your loved ones and strangers even. Goodness and positivity only increase multifold when shared!

You can subscribe a monthly subscription of Idhayam Wealth Oil Pulling plan for the cheapest price, for anyone you care about, for anyone who you think in the most need for a healthy habit and some positivity – in your family or for your friends. Subscribe for your loved ones now and introduce them to a feel-good, healthy habit. Let’s keep sharing the goodness we received from the Universe & Nature.

You can also gift Oil Pulling in bulk to your employees or customers as a gift instead of the generic sweet boxes, to show that you care. Contact us for exclusive bulk gifting packages at discounted rates. We are always ready and open share the goodness of Oil Pulling with the world. 🙂

Have we Clarified your doubts?
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